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Early 2022

 A new website is in the final stages of design and is expected to running by mid 2022. 

17 August 2021

New Zealand goes into level 4 lockdown. CBA engaging with heads of bench and other stakeholders. 

7 and 8 August 2021

  • CBA annual conference held in Auckland with speakers including Minister of Justice, Chief Justice, Presindent of the Court of Appeal, Chief High Court Judge and Chief District Court Judge. Approximately 350 attendees, enjoyed 2 days of speakers and  conference dinner. Robust debate on issues including three strikes reforms and legal aid 20 year freeze on hourly rates.
  • View photos from the 2021 CBA Conference HERE

May 2021

  • CBA has confirmed an interesting and impressive list of speakers for the Annual conference and early bird bookings are now open.
  • CBA has participated in the Tomo Mai project which was set up by the Heads of Bench to make recommendations about making the court system more inclusive.
  • CBA is having regular monthly meetings with other professional bodies including NZLS, ADLS, NZ Bar Association. Issues include; Te Ao Marama Courts, Trial delays, Pressures on practitioners, Legal aid funding and access to justice, defective court buildings including mould and spore issues in Auckland area, reform of 3 strikes legislation and Judicial misconduct.
  • CBA is encouraging more membership by providing lower fees for newer lawyers and group discounts for organisations.
  • CBA has responded to the  Commissioner of Police’s  invitation to discuss issues Police surveillance and the need to protect civil liberties. A meeting with CBA and the commissioner is to be scheduled.
  • CBA Professor Kris Gledhill followed up his popular  2019 sentencing roadshow with a bail roadshow in March and April 2021 which was well received,
  • CBA committee meets monthly normally on the first Wednesday of the month at 530 pm via zoom. We welcome new committee member Aysser Al-Janabi.


  • CBA heavlily involved in the law profession's responce to Covid. 


August 2018

  • View photos from the 2018 CBA Conference HERE

June 2018

  • The CBA met with the Law Commision in May and our oral submissions have been recorded - click here to view our submissions.
  • Three protocols have been issued by the Chief District Court Judge pertaining to the use of AVL technology in the criminal jurisdiction of the District Court. Links to the protocols are here, here and here;

March 2018

  • The Law Commission has released an Issues Paper for the second review of the Evidence Act.  The CBA will be meeting with the Law Commission and making submissions on the review. Click here to see the paper.
  • Read the Chief Justice's Press Release regarding judicial bullying here
  • See the results of our Bulllying and Harrassment Survey.

August 2017

  • View photos from the 2017 CBA Conference HERE
  • There has been much interest in the speech on "Managing Criminal Justice" given by Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias at our recent conference. Click here to read her speech.